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Rwanda produces 30,000 tons of tea per year

In 1952 they started growing tea in Rwanda and since then the Rwandans have benefitted from this. Today, Rwandan tea is highly valued at the weekly auctions of the East African Tea Trade Association in Mombasa, leading to record prices in recent years. Major customers are located in the Middle East, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and Kazakhstan, among others.

Rwandan tea is planted on high altitude slopes between 1,900 meters and 2,500 meters and on well-drained wetlands at altitudes between 1,550 m and 1,800 m. Tea production has grown steadily from 60 tons of tea in 1958 to about 30,000 tons per year today. .

Tea from Rwanda is known for its high quality and is among the best in the world. It’s available at many specialized teashops around Europe. Some of the best quality teas grown in Rwanda include; black tea, orthodox tea, white tea, green tea, organic tea and spicy tea.

Source: Rwanda Development Board