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Tea pluckers trained by Rwanda Mountain Tea & NAEB

The ongoing trainings have started on the 27th October 2020 and are organized by the National Agriculture Export Development Board (NAEB) in partnership with Rwanda Mountain Tea (RMT), local tea cooperatives and authorities.

Pluckers employed by RMT have been regularly receiving trainings in tea plucking techniques and harvesting. Tea processing begins by plucking which makes it a crucial aspect in the business. During the formation, NAEB provides pluckers with new plucking gear that are seen in the pictures.

Quality plucking is a skilled process which requires a good hand, eye coordination, accuracy, and speed. Rwanda Mountain Tea uses a high standard plucking technique which is two leaves and a bud.

Most tea factories in Rwanda are expected to benefit from this training. Gatare Tea Company Director, Emile Mukiza, mentioned that NAEB organized this program to maximize the quality and quantity of tea leaves that is being plucked. “We want our pluckers to be professional and the best when it comes to tea plucking. This will help increase their revenue which will lead to a higher standard of living for them and their families.”

Source: Rwanda Mountain Tea

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