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Kigali’s fashion sector is thriving

It is well known that Rwanda has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Fashion designers are taking part in a range of government initiatives aimed at driving high and inclusive growth in a variety of sectors, including the country’s emerging fashion sector.

One of these initiatives is #MadeinRwanda, launched in 2015, which aims to reclaim parts of the Rwandan market from imports while at the same time improving the international competitive position of Rwandan exports.

The result is visible in Kigali’s emerging fashion houses and accessory brands, from jewelry stores like Inzuki Designs to clothing lines like Sonia Mugabo, Inkanda House and Rwanda Clothing.

Moses Turahirwa (in the picture) grew up in the Nyamasheke region of western Rwanda and saw women weaving baskets and creating incredible artwork and decorations from beads. In search of “something unique that reflects the culture” Turahirwa was inspired by Imigongo, an 18th century traditional art form with geometric shapes such as zigzags and squares. The range of black and white patterns became the signature look for the launch of the first Moshions collection in 2015.

Source: Quartz Africa