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Rwandan flowers to get more markets through the Netherlands’ flora hub

On its 5th time, Rwanda will again participate in the Netherlands’ International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) scheduled from 3rd – 5th November 2021. The 11th edition of the world’s flowers expo will be an additional value to other efforts that strengthened Rwandan floriculture sector at the platform of International Flower Trade. The exhibition will be an excellent opportunity for the Rwanda delegation to promote trade of its flowers, while aiming to increase production. 

A few flower consignments from Rwanda go to the East Africa and some European countries including UK and Germany, but a big portion (about 92%) goes to the Kingdom of the Netherlands through Brussels. Australia is emerging as another potential market. This is one of end results from a well-known emerged relationship between two countries – the Republic of Rwanda and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Bella Flowers, the leading producer and exporter of Rwandan cut fresh roses will participate in this exhibition showcasing some of the best rose qualities in the world while flying the Rwandafresh brand flag. 

Ms. Jeanine Kayihura, the representative of Bella flowers at the expo said that IFTF is an opportunity for the Rwandan delegation to create international market linkages between Rwandan roses’ producers and international buyers. “We are here to create awareness of our brand as Bella Flowers and the national brand “Rwandafresh” which stands for all fresh produce from Rwanda. We are here to ensure more foreign investors are mobilized to come and explore different investment opportunities our country has to offer, hence to make the Rwandan floriculture even more fruitful” She confirmed. 

The attendance of the Rwandan delegates in this world’s biggest trade fair in the floriculture industry will also be an opportunity to gain knowledge about the latest developments and trends in the industry and learn from the most advanced flower business dealers on how the sector’s pertinent issues are dealt with. 

The participants in this year’s exhibition from Rwanda are facilitated through a joint collaboration of the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB). 

Ambassador Olivier J.P. Nduhungirehe, the Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, said that the IFTF is one of the largest and important trade shows in the world and it’s a great business communication channel when it comes to new countries in the sector. “We are confident that our country’s participation in this trade fair will lead to the growth of flower volumes being imported by the Netherlands from Rwanda, thus an increase in revenues and Rwandan floriculture industry development at large,” said Ambassador Nduhungirehe. 

The outcome of Rwandan delegates’ attendance to the IFTF in the previous four events of the kind has greatly influenced sales increase of Rwandan flowers through the Netherlands flora hub. The experience has also oriented the companies to improve their production area while becoming one of business deals attracting new buyers from across the globe due to best practices being applied in the whole value chain. 

Rwanda’s floriculture sector growth becomes significant day after day. According to the statistical report of 2020-2021, the sector generated USD 7,908,050 up from USD 3,145,577 generated in 2018-2019. One of the reasons of this growth is the raise of flowers produce volumes being sent to markets under expansion.