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Imigongo fashion by Afriek

Rwandan artist Crista Uwase was asked by Afriek to develop an original print. Uwase worked together with the Dutch-French designer Stéphane Barbier, who previously designed clothes for Afriek. The motif is based on imigongo, the traditional Rwandan art form.

Afriek has grown into a transnational collective, that showcases the beauty and power of cultural exchanges, aiming to contribute to a more equal world. Through the medium of fashion, the brand combines design, tailoring, craftsmanship, art, and storytelling within Africa and Europe.

Afriek focuses on the dialogue between individuals from these contrasting cultures – both creative and conceptual – bringing about truly collaborative, and colourful collections.

A documentary has been released in which they share their values that are reflected in the way they work, especially in cross-cultural collaboration and a transparent production chain.

P: +250 789 491 488

Photo credit: AFRIEK