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Gasabo district promotes Made-in-Rwanda arts

The New Times informed that Gasabo District has called on artistically gifted youth to form cooperatives so they can be supported to grow their talents and improve their financial situation.

David Musirikare is in charge of youth at the district and told The New Times that they’re encouraging young artists to form cooperatives or companies, which will make it easier to do advocacy for them, and get them training to further hone their skills. He was speaking on the sidelines of an event that marked the final day of an annual arts competition, which saw 34 youths from around the urban district awarded for their artistic works.
Each received Rwf100, 000. A total of 60 artists, aged between 18 and 30, took part in the competition, which seeks to promote artistic talents and the Made-in-Rwanda initiative.

Patience Rwumbuguza, a visual artist, and his female partner started a company that produces branded environmentally friendly packaging materials a few years ago and he sees reason to stay on course. “The Made-in-Rwanda initiative is fruitful and the fact that you can see a lot of innovative products on the local market lately is proof that it is working,” he said. “We have potential and that’s why the government is promoting locally made products.”

Sylvia Igihozo, a traditional singer who lives in Kinyinya Sector, said capital is a lingering challenge but insisted that Rwandan artists are generally resilient and committed to succeed. “We feel no pressure to prove ourselves and I think we will come through,” she said.

Phrodis Niyonsenga, a pencil artist and wall-art painter from Kacyiru Sector, called on the public to appreciate artistic works just as they do in other sectors.

Pressed for comment on the call for young artists to work together in cooperatives, he said “there is “strength and more opportunity in teamwork.”

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